Culebrita Island is the most exotic island of Puerto Rico. It is categorized by The Travel Channel on its TOP 10 beaches of the Caribbean. With miles of clear turquoise waters the softest sand your body will ever feel. Tourist leave just wanting to come back.
You totally feel like you arrived to your private island. Best destination for overnight!

Princess Yacht 65′



$4,79900/6 hrs
  • Up to 12 guests
  • Captain / Co-Captain


$5,89900/6 hrs
  • Up to 12 guests
  • Chef and Mate
  • Beverages
  • Two Snacks
  • Lunch or Dinner
  • Jetski 4 hrs
  • Transportation


  • $700.00 Overnight*
  • $250.00 Jetski (4 hrs)
  • $200 Transportation
  • $1,600 Nor-Tech Sport Center Console

Nor-Tech 39′

Sport Performance Center Console

We have the best and most luxurious center console on the Island. It has a perfect blend of features of comfort and luxury to satisfy any experience from cruising, entertaining, fishing or high speed rush with 3 / 400’s Mercury racing engines.


$2,499/6 hrs
  • Up to 10 guests
  • Captain
  • Add​ ​ons​ ​and​ ​customizing​ ​available
  • Adrenaline, Luxury, Experience and much more
Went to Puerto Rico for the first time for my birthday and the experience was phenomenal. The food was amazing, the views are just breathtaking. It is quite impressive how this small island just leaves you wanting to stay. The people and culture are so warming it makes you think twice about returning home. I will definitely come back more often. Thank you Charter Princess Yacht for this experience.
Erick Thomas